Tournament Rules


We are adopting the System 36 Stableford play format for this competition.

The organiser will appoint the management of Sentosa Golf Club to operate the computation of handicaps based on the System 36 Stableford golf play format. The system will assign Merit Points to the golfer for each hole, based on his actual gross less the par for that hole.

Scores Tabulation

If the difference is:

2 or more 0 Merit Point
1 1 Merit Point
0 2 Merit Point
Less than 0 2 Merit Point

Handicap will be computed using the formula: 36 – Sum of Merit Points for 18 Holes.

The system will then use the computed handicap to score the Stableford points.

The tournament shall be played in accordance to the Rules of Golf currently adopted by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews and the United States Golf Association and the Local Rules of Sentosa Golf Club.


The golf tournament will comprise of 3 divisions.

Gentlemen's A Division Handicap 1 to 18
Gentlemen's B Division Handicap 19 to 24
Ladies' Division Handicap 1 to 36


In the event of inclement weather, the Tournament shall stand if more than half the competitors have completed 9 holes game and the results shall be based on returned scores.

If the competition is cancelled, the prizes shall be awarded on the basis of a lucky draw and KrisFlyer reserves the right to allocate the prizes at its discretion.


Please observe the following guidelines to speed up play on tournament day:

  1. The local rules regarding out of bounds, hazards and free drops will apply. This will be shown on the back of the scorecard.
  2. In the interest of all players in the tournament, please ensure that your flight is able to keep up with the preceding flight. The tournament director and golf club officials reserve the right to make suggestions to players and their flights to speed up play.
  3. Please repair all divots, repair pitch marks and rack bunkers. Please observe all local rules and signs.


  1. Prizes will be awarded for all the novelty events at selected holes.
  2. In the event that there is more than one Hole-in-One achiever, the prize shall be shared equally among the achievers.
  3. The Hole-in-One winner must have a USGA certified golf handicap.

All complaints, protests, disputes and allocation of prizes shall be referred to the Tournament Director immediately and the decision shall be final. The Tournament Director and Sentosa Golf Club will not be held responsible for any accidents, injuries, damages or loss of property during the tournament. Players unsure of any ruling during the round should approach the Tournament Director after the round for a ruling but before they sign and submit the scorecards to the official scorer.


Before play begins, players should exchange their cards with a flight mate. It is the duty of the flight mate marker to ensure that the correct score is recorded.

  1. All players to record their gross scores only.
  2. Both the player and the marker must sign all submitted scorecards.
  3. All players to return their scorecard immediately after the game at the Scorecard Submission Desk set up near the golfing counter.
  4. In the event of ties on scores, Sentosa Golf Club count-back system shall apply.